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Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ - Designed to Match Your Visual Age™ - October 1 , 2018

Our newest revolutionary progressive lens design, Shamir Autograph Intelligence™, takes visual diversity into account to provide the right optical solution for patients at every Visual Age™ without the need for questionnaires, and is supported by three new Shamir technologies. It is available in variable and fixed designs in the full range of materials offered by Shamir. Earn 3,525 points for each qualifying Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ pair dispensed.

RCPV® Points Update Effective August 1, 2018 - August 1 , 2018

Effective August 1, 2018, RCPV® points received for Shamir Attitude III® - Fashion and Shamir Attitude III® - Sport will change to 2,250 points per pair.

July 1: Shamir to Offer Only 100% Freeform Lenses - June 30 , 2017

After continually being at the forefront of technology in the optical industry, Shamir is taking a forward-facing measure, removing all molded product offerings and announcing the move to 100% digital, Freeform® lenses. We believe strongly in the decision, as technology is leading the world. The introduction of the revolutionary Spark Mi™ measuring device is just another example of that. Customization is key and digital is the only way to provide that unique customization to each individual patient. We are excited for this movement of offering only 100% digital Freeform® lenses beginning July 1, 2017


Due to recent feedback received regarding the availability, shipping and receipt of gift cards offered through the RCPV® Rewards Program, we have decided to mitigate future frustrations it would be best to eliminate the gift cards from the program. We will continue to offer gift cards through June 1, 2017. After this date Gift Cards will no longer be available to order; however we will continue to offer checks and a diverse range of optical, outdoor and electronic items.